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What is the Role of a Clinical Psychologist?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel shares her professional objectives. Although the textbook definition of a psychologist is to treat emotions, feelings, and behaviors that accompany mental illness, Dr. Curiel sees herself quite differently. She views herself as a facilitator to wellness, and therapy a vehicle to wellness.

How Do I Know If I Should See a Psychologist?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel offers advice on seeking a psychological treatment. Turning to professional help for behaviors could be helpful to our mental health, as well as the mental health of others. Dr. Curiel adds that because we cannot see mental heath, it adds to its already complicated nature.

What is the Difference Between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel explains the major differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, two professional titles that are commonly interchanged. Despite both being called “doctor” a psychologist has gone to graduate school whereas a psychiatrist has gone to medical school. Although there are similarities between the two, their scope of practices are very different.

Why Are Ethics Essential in Practicing Clinical Psychology?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel stresses the importance of ethics within clinical psychology. Ethics, often the first class in graduate studies ensure clear boundaries within the therapist and client. Ethics are extremely significant in psychology, given the therapist’s extremely high level of influence. Without these boundaries, unethical practices can potentially harm a dependent client, the public, or psychologist.

Psychologist Explains Why Getting to Know Yourself is Important

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel shares the advice she would give to herself at age 18, or anyone in their late teens. At this time, the most important thing is to get to know yourself and therapy is a great means in doing so. Often times we find ourselves trying to please others, or pursue another’s path. Dr. Curiel encourages us to connect with our inner voice, and follow it.

Psychologist Addresses the Biggest Misconception of the Profession

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel speaks on the misconceptions of psychology that stem from the private nature of the field. Many are skeptical to seek professional help, due to the misrepresentations of psychology on television. Dr. Curiel encourages us to be open minded, as much of what we see tends to be an incorrect perception of a psychologist’s role.

Does Seeing a Psychologist Mean I Have a Mental Illness?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel, speaks on the misconceptions of both psychology and psychologists. Often times, individuals find psychology synonymous with crazy. Dr. Curiel explains that this mindset creates a reluctance to see a professional.

Why a Psychologist Suggests Separating Business from Personal Life

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel stresses the importance of taking good care of our mental health, especially if we work in the psychology field. Sacrificing our own mental health is harmful to ourselves, as well as our clients. Dr. Curiel suggests that it can be helpful to have many hobbies and keep work separate from our personal lives.

What Career Opportunities Do I Have Within Psychology?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel shares what she believes is one of the best aspects of psychology. Given that psychology is a very broad field, choosing what professional area to pursue can be a difficult choice. Dr. Curiel encourages us to evaluate our own personal preferences, as the options are endless. Considering our natural interests and preferable environments can be very helpful in making this decision.

Psychologist Shares Inspiration for Pursing Career

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel speaks her inspiration for pursuing a career in psychology. Motivated to help others, Dr. Curiel disliked the stigma that accompanied mental illness. Often perceived as failing, many believe that those with mental illness brought it upon themselves. Dr. Curiel strives to help others by facilitating wellness in a shame-free nature.

Why is it Necessary for a Psychologist to Evaluate a Client's Entire Lifestyle?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel speaks on the importance of evaluating her clients as a whole, rather than identifying only their most recent psychological signs and symptoms. An altered mental status can often be an indication of an underlying medical condition. Dr. Curiel mentions that without taking this into consideration, there is potential for the client to not receive the proper medical treatment.

Do Psychologists Seek Treatment from Other Psychologists?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel speaks on the importance of psychologists seeing other psychologists, as this strategy is a large part of self-care. It is the goal for psychologist to interpret as if they were a 3rd person. Dr. Curiel adds that it is crucial for the psychologist to distinguish what the client is bringing, and not what the psychologist is bringing. The inability to do so can lead to negatively influencing the client.

How Do I Choose the Right Psychologist?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel gives advice on choosing a psychologist, as choosing the right one can often be difficult. Research shows, the most important variable is the relationship between the psychologist and the client. Dr. Curiel urges us to be persistent in finding the right psychologist, as it is critical to ensure successful therapy.

What is a Psychologist's Responsibility When Experiencing Personal Illness?

Psychologist Dr. Ashley Curiel speaks on the importance of psychologists maintaining their own mental health. She explains that because of the ethics code, it is sometimes necessary for psychologists to step away from their practice or consult with another psychologist. Dr. Curiel adds that it is the psychologist’s responsibility to know themselves well, and be aware of when they are not providing proper service to their clients.

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